A selection of some of the best work I did for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios on their VFX team for their various shows and spots. Breakdown below. More un-aired samples are available upon request.

1. All visual effects, rig remove and comp.
2 & 3. Made Blender blood cells and effects, rig remove & comp.
4. Brain fluid effect, rig remove & comp.
5. Skeleton effect, rig remove & comp.
6. Effects, set extension, rig remove & comp.
7. Made Blender background, created parody illustrations, rig remove & comp.
8. Invisible wall effect and comp.
9. All hologram effects, cleanup, rig remove & comp.
10. All invisible stair power effects, rig remove & comp.
11. All visual effects (sheen and motion added to pre-existing WB logo), rig remove and comp.
12 & 13. HUD effects, tracking and comp.
14. Some window graphic elements, animation and comp.
15. Visual effects, rig remove and comp.