A selection of some of the best work I did for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios on their VFX team for their various shows and spots. Breakdown below. More un-aired samples are available upon request.

1. All VFX, rig remove and comp.
2. Made Blender background, created parody illustrations, rig remove & comp.
3 &4. HUD effects, tracking and comp.
5. Some window graphic elements, animation and comp.
6. Rig remove, waveform effects and comp.
7. All VFX (sheen and motion added to pre-existing WB logo), rig remove and comp.
8. All VFX, rig remove and comp.
9. Rig remove and comp.
10. Blender islands and some elements, comp.
11. VFX, rig remove and comp. 
12. Cleanup and comp.
13 & 14. All VFX, comp.